Free sewing pattern – the Groovy Glasses CaseGLASSES CASE tutorial

Free Tutorial – How to make a cross body strap

cross body strap tutorial

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8 thoughts on “Tutorials”

  1. Very disappointing, thought I was printing the pattern for the FLIP CLUTCH WALLET SEWING PATTERN.. I ended up with 19 pages of your photos, and some dialog, but no instructions or pattern pieces.


    1. Hi Ute, Your comment is appearing on my Groovy Glasses case page, if it is that pattern you were looking for it is FREE here: https://spencerogg.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/groovy-glasses-case-pattern-piece.pdf.
      There is a FREE new flap shape offered in my blog for the Flip Clutch Wallet here: https://spencerogg.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/saddle-flap-outer-and-interfacing.pdf, and it is just a one page download, but it is for use in conjunction with a bought pattern for the Flip which you can get here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/591682684/wallet-sewing-pattern-the-flip-clutch.
      I am sorry for any confusion, I do try to explain fully in the blog text what each is.


      1. I just purchased the pattern, But I am unable to print the pattern. I clicked on the item number, a download message came up, which I clicked, nothing came up.

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  2. The pattern and instructions are available on Etsy.com as soon as you pay. Log in to your Etsy.com account on tablet or desktop. (Not on phone or Etsy app).
    If you go to the ‘you’ button (top right of the Etsy screen) there is a drop down menu. click ‘purchases and reviews’ and it should be there waiting.

    Let me know, I can e-mail it if there is still any problem
    I have a bag making Facebook board for help and support with my patterns and just general bag making chat. You are welcome to join here


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