Forever Shopper Sewing Pattern – Let’s save the Planet ! (at least a little bit)

I’d like to introduce you to my new sewing pattern 


A proper retro shopper like the good old days, just like your granddad used to have in the cupboard under the stairs. A great unisex shopping tote.


Made in oilskin, waxed canvas, heavy duck canvas or dry oilskin, so it virtually stands up on it’s own – an important factor in shopping.


With super strong stabilised handles, a generous inside zip security pocket and a front profile stitched pocket. And an option to add side D-rings to attach a shoulder strap.
The bag has a flat base to allow for huge amounts of shopping and to hold its shape.

a bag that will last for years and age beautifully, and put an end to wasting money and the planets resources on disposable bags


So we all know we need to stop using single use plastics – let’s make a resolution.
If you are like me, you stopped using the supermarket free carrier bags straight away but then bought into the bags for life – which of course are still plastic even if we use them a few times

Unfortunately my car boot is now overflowing with pretty plastic ‘bags for life’ of which I often buy another because being a bag addict, there is always a new pretty design

So I decided it’s time to make a commitment – no more, it’s still in essence single use plastic – so here is my little contribution to start saving the world and using less single use plastics

No, not me, that’s my mate Claire – always a willing model (and works for gin) – sporting both sizes at once, she is multi-talented

We make a bag in fabric and it just doesn’t stand up on its own which makes things difficult with a shopping trolley. Oilskin and waxed canvas are amazing and virtually stand on their own.


Your men folk are going to love this too, particularly in oilskin – it looks so weathered and vintage, and it’s really water resistant so great for the outdoors!


Three of these fit beautifully if a large shopping trolley and can accommodate the whole weekly shop, yet fold flat for easy storage


And there is also a second free smaller size included with the pattern as a bonus, which is large enough to use as a handbag size shopper – great for coffee and shopping at the mall, days out at the park and really great for rainy days –a bag for the outdoors girl.


I am a complete oilskin convert now – if you can get hold of it, it is definitely worth it.

It’s strong yet supple, can be sponged clean, and if the look get’s a little too vintage for you, simply reset the oil again with a hair dryer.

The bag is unlined for durability and to keep the bulk down, but with chunky feature facings and inside pockets, and made using a super strong durable utility construction of French seams that conceal all raw edges so it will last for years and age beautifully.

w small

Make it with bought straps, self fabric straps, webbing or even a stolen belt from your partner’s wardrobe – the instructions are included for all types. This is the second time I have stolen one of my husband’s belts and he still hasn’t noticed.


Ooops, sorry dear (again)

I’ve also made up in a dry oilskin which is a great colour vehicle.


I used rivet on PU leather handles which I stock in my internet shop here:


I hope you like the new pattern, what are you waiting for – go shape some fabric!

Get the pattern here


Want to see the bag in real life? Check out my YouTube pattern intro here:


I’ve been YouTubed !

It’s been an exciting week at Spencer Ogg Towers!

I’ve just filmed my first short sew-a-long to get started with the medium of video. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but scared of being seen in real life!


So here’s my first toe in the water, just me and a film student Jake. Thank goodness he knew something about camera angles/directing/editing/re-shooting/throwing great lumps away etc. It really is time consuming.

I know I was filmed for the Craftsy Class, but that was all singing, all dancing with crew and cameramen everywhere, make up artists, hair fluffers, sound checkers etc – all I had to do was sew. Now I have to think for myself too, it’s so much harder, and a steep learning curve for someone who was a social media illiterate just over a year ago, I hadn’t even heard the word vlogging.

So, I have unbelievably just launched my YouTube channel here: 


and loaded up my first 8 minute video clip. It’s just on making an adjustable bag strap, and I’m sure most of you already know how to do it blindfold, but I needed a starting point. Be kind to me, its my first attempt and I’ve learnt a lot along the way!

you tube header flat

My plan is to do a couple more quick tutorials just to get myself and Jake used to it – and maybe improve a little into the bargain, and then, my first full sewing pattern sew-a-long! Now I know how long these things take to make, I better set a few weeks aside for that one!


Please subscribe to the channel while you are on there, and my next free video tutorial should show up in your YouTube feed

Pattern shop buttom


FREE SEWING PATTERN – The Glitzy Gift Card Wallet

FREE SEWING PATTERN – The Glitzy Gift Card Wallet

Make your gifting that little bit more glamorous this year.

Season’s Greetings – My gift to you

To thank you  for your business and friendships in 2018, I have created the gift of a free Christmas pattern just for you.xmas lights

This is the The Glitzy Gift Card Wallet

An easy to make wallet pattern, ideal for giving gift cards or money

You know what it’s like when you hand over a gift card or some cash, it just doesn’t look much.


And shiz, haven’t we all accidentally left it in the envelope until after Christmas and only realised after the dustbin man has done a runner with it.

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So present your gift of cash or card in style with the Glitzy Gift Card Wallet.

Grab the pattern and instructions here: Glitzy pattern and instructionspattern

Go…….make many………post pics……..and have a fabulous Christmas everyone !holder

xmas lights

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