The Turnaround Bag

I am happy to announce the release of my new sewing pattern – The Turnaround Cross Body Bag.

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It has two fronts with two distinctly different looks, so you can wear it ‘different ways on different days’4

When I was developing this pattern, I couldn’t decide what design layout I preferred for the front of the bag, and whilst pondering for hours on which to do, I realised I could actually have both ! Why limit yourself to one, just ‘turn it around’ for a different look, and hence the Turnaround Bag was born.20180726_130810

Filled to the brim with pockets of every shape and size, use it to organise your daily life, and really great for travel.

One side has a feature twist lock fastening flap pocket, and the other, a roomy, built-in zip wallet pocket with credit card slots.

Yeh, let’s play spot the dog – he has to be on everything

Inside the bag are two generous bellowed gadget pockets, and a roomy faced pocket. You can make the pockets in bright contrast colours as I have done here, to give a surprise pop of colour when the bag is opened.

The main compartment is more than large enough to hold an iPad, and securely fastens with a recessed zip closure.ipad

The bag is suitable for a wide range of materials, make it up in quilting cottons, cork, denim, vinyls or leather, or in lovely Harris Tweed as this one I made for

Made in ‘tougher’ fabrics, it also works for men – try waxed cottons, earthy tweeds, or leather to make a sturdy man-bagdetail

I do hope you enjoy making this bag as much as I did, and make it many times over. You can get the pattern here. It’s on offer for the first week end at a discounted priceHero single

With many thanks to my lovely testers who did a great job in helping to tweak this bag into shape.


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Sewing Mojo Sale Day

patterns multiboxed


This weekend only 20th to 22nd July in my Etsy pattern store

Quite a few people have told me this week they have lost their sewing mojo….Well we can’t have that!

To get everyone back on track and happily sewing again I thought I’d give you a boost – the hot weather won’t be here forever you know. Time to come in from the garden and start stitching again.

Use the link below to get 20% off my PDF patterns this weekend only.

(or key in OGG20 at checkout)

Happy sewing everyone.

Oh and don’t forget – if you want to watch sewing rather than actually doing it, there is still a free 7 day trial of Craftsy unlimited – Now Bluprint, just click the pic for deets.

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Sewing Machine Review – Janome Atelier

Sewing Machine Review: Janome Atelier 7

Whilst preparing and filming my Craftsy class I was lucky enough to have on loan the Janome Atelier 7 (Janome Skyline in the US). I was very impressed, and I got so comfortable with it, I thought I would review the big beauty before it disappeared out of my life.


I usually work on a Janome TXL607 at home for bag making, which is a mid range domestic sewing machine, and I have been happy with it for the few  years since I traded up from my 25 year old Bernina Sport (which has had an amazing innings and still going strong despite years of overwork and misuse).multi mc

I think it is important that I don’t move to an industrial machine as I need to be sure my patterns are all ‘do-able’ (is that a word??) on a domestic machine, as that is what most of my customers work on.

While still a domestic machine, the Atelier 7 is a range up from the old TXL models, and she is an amazing beast.

I didn’t think there would be a huge difference, but trust me, I really don’t know how I am going to go back.dec stitches


Given that the Atelier is all singing, all dancing with amazing features I have never seen before, I still did what all of us do when we get a new machine, and went straight to the pretty decorative stitches to have a go at a few sewing symbols and handmade logos.  It has 240 built-in stitches so it took me a while!


feedOne of the main selling points of the Atelier range is the AcuFeed system, which the supplied walking foot, or dual feed foot, is specially designed to engage with. This moves the top layer of fabric in sync with the bottom layer. I’m going to bang on for a bit about this because it is a marvellous tool, especially when you are sewing multiple thick (and often a bit sticky) layers as we do in bag making.

The mechanism is built into the back of the machine rather than dependant on your needle just going up and down as I have used previously, so there is much more control, there is even a twiddly nob to adjust the differential between upper and lower feed.

feetThe Dual Feed foot is a much wider foot than a normal straight stitch foot, and although I wanted to use it for nearly all my stitch work, I couldn’t because it is too wide to get into some of the tight corners I often find myself in. Whilst ruminating with another bag maker about how fantastic it would be to have a narrower version or one with a stitch guide, I decided to ask Janome if there were plans to make such a thing. To my surprise, I found they were already available and the supplied foot just slips off like a shoe, and can be replaced with the other feet – well blow me! Obviously I ordered them immediately and am waiting very patiently (yes that’s me, patient) for their arrival so I can play some more.

I swear this beast sews straighter than any machine I have owned previously too, but it does have 7 feed dogs, and I guess with the AcuFeed that could possibly be true.

There are a host of other useful features of which I will list but a few:

confusedThe Atelier 7 has a large full colour screen that you may question when you get it out of the box if you are ever going to be able to understand it, but it’s very owner friendly and I was creating and programming stitch pattern combinations within the day via the USB connection.

Some very useful features are a fully lit machine with a number of LED lights at various spots around the body to give a really well lit work area – they can be turned off individually too – so if you are a chronic migraine sufferer like myself, this is always a prerequisite of a machine (although unscrewing the bulb has always worked technically very well for me in the past)atelier7-1

The automatic thread cutter and presser foot lift functions are brilliant. I am still getting used to the foot lift and keep reaching around to raise it manually, but it’s getting more natural. The machine is also supplied with a knee lift control for the presser foot, which I am trying to use on a regular basis as I feel  it could be useful, if I could only stop feeling like I’m dancing to a Rhianna track every time I give it a nudge.


There are many improvements on previous machines I have encountered –

20180619_142754 - 2
Look at the size of that foot peddle girls

an additional straight stitch needle plate for fine fabrics, improved alphabets and size control, the zipper foot is a dream compared to my last one, (which ended up sat in a jar next to my machine so I could glare daggers at it every time I thought I might have to use it – in fact I didn’t use it, I just kept my straight stitch foot on and moved my needle far left!)

The foot pedal is a gentle giant – it is HUGE – and I love it, much more easy to control, and you don’t end up with dancing feet chasing it all around under the table.

screenThe Atelier also features Sewing application buttons – so rather than choosing what stitch you want to use, you can just tell the machine what you want to do, for example zipper sewing or gathering, and it will automatically select the stitch and tell you when to stitch where. I think this feature is probably suited to more novice sewers, or maybe it is just that I am a control freak and can’t let it choose anything for me.layers

If you are an avid bag maker like me – and boy do we know the problems with bulky fabrics, vinyls and numerous layers – and you are looking to upgrade your current machine, I can heartily recommend the Atelier 7, it has handled everything I have thrown at it so far, even 8 layers of vinyl !

The only improvements I could suggest are, that the machine should also be available in bright pink, and should have an option of a prescription glass protruding at right angles from the front so I don’t have to take my glasses on and off every time I sit down.specs

Thanks for the lend Janome, any chance I can keep it??


Watch the ad for my new Craftsy bag making class herecraftsy class link

Live and Dangerous

My new Craftsy bag making class launched today.

It’s out – we have lift off!

craftsy class linkMy new Craftsy bag making class has just launched today.

To watch the free preview, click here

If you have unlimited membership you can watch the whole thing. If you haven’t, don’t worry, you can get a free 7 day trial of Unlimited here 

I’m so looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of the class, and at last I can tell you what I am making!


I’m making 2 items in the class, the first is the Harris Tote which a few of you will already know, and The Harris Clutch Wallet which is new and exclusive to Craftsy.


The Harris Tote is a lovely roomy tote bag with inside facings and classic leather handles. It has a huge zipped security pocket on the inside to keep your valuables safe. We all love the look of an open tote – but we still need somewhere safe for wallets and phones.


I show you how to make the bag in beautiful Harris Tweed with lots of tips on how to work with wool tweed, but the bag is suitable to just about any type of fabric.


Lots of tips on using rivets, attaching zips, stabilisers, top stitching, easy box corners and more


The second item is new and exclusive to Craftsy, it is the Harris Clutch Wallet. It’s a beautiful soft co-ordinating clutch wallet that you can pop in your tote or use on its own on a night out with it’s cute removable wrist strap.




Use my ingenious flap creation method to make the sharpest and most accurate flap in town!

I’ll walk you through a really easy zipper method that you may not have used before, create credit card pockets and attach magnetic fasteners.


These wallets are really quick to construct and make great gifts



I hope you enjoy the class, why not leave a comment and tell me what you think, I’d love to hear.



Beautiful Bags: The Harris Tote and Clutch Wallet.


Craftsy Class Launch

Craftsy Class ready for launch!

So… first bag making Craftsy Class is going live this week. I am sooo excited.

I finally got to see the finished class a couple of days ago whilst on holiday – (sat in the sun on our sunbeds under a towel so we could see the screen!)

craftsy class

It has come out really well, I am so pleased with the finished class. The editing is fantastic, all my slip ups and tripping over the carpet have magically disappeared, along with the odd ‘oooch’ face whenever I stuck myself with a pin.


I can’t disclose what I am making until it actually goes live, but I am demonstrating two items, one of which you will know, and one which was completely new and exclusive to Craftsy.

I used a Janome Skyline (Atelier 7 in the UK) in the class which is a superb sewing machine, and I will be reviewing it later in the week.


I so hope you are going to enjoy the class, I will upload the links as soon as it goes live – I can’t wait to hear what you think!

And remember – This weekend on Craftsy, you can stream 10 free classes specially made for the junior chefs, fashion designers, cartoon artists, and crafters in your house. Just click below:


Competition Winners

Competition Winners – Free Pattern

comp time bilb

Thanks for entering the comp everyone.

Winners generated by internet random number picker

comp winners

The winners are:

The 5 winners of the Spencer Ogg pattern competition drawn at random are:
Kerri kilpatrick
Well done!
Let me know which pattern you each would like (

Happy Sewing !

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Flappy Friday Freebie

Back in the saddle –

New free flap shape for the Flip Clutch Wallet.instablog

Fashion dictates – and what better than to update the The Flip Clutch Wallet with a bang on trend saddle shaped flap.

I’ve made these in faux leather, but you can make in quilting cottons, cork, wool, leather, in fact virtually anything, just like the original.

If you already have the pattern for The Flip Clutch Wallet, all you need to do is print the 2 new PDF sheets below and exchange them for pattern pieces D and F (The flap outer and interfacing) in your original pattern

Click Here to get the new pattern pieces

Body Flip clutch wallet

If you don’t already have the pattern for The Flip, you can get it here

hero wordpress

Everything makes up exactly the same, just follow the pattern instructions as normal – and place the magnetic clasp in it’s new position on the flap as shown on the new pattern piece. (If you are using leather or faux, I reduced the weight of the flap interfacing to Decovil Light or similar)

If you would like to really go wild with the Dior look, you could give your wallet a stirrup too.stirrupblog

Simply cut a strip of leather (or faux) 3/4″x 6″ – thread a 3/4″ D-ring onto the middle of the leather strip and fold in half, tack in place at the top, close to the raw edges.strap

When you place the flap pieces right sides together ready to sew, slip the little strap between the two flap pieces centrally on the curved edge, parallel to the flap sides, as shown here – you can use a bit of sticky tape to hold it in place, then just carry on as normal. When you turn the flap through your little stirrup will pop right out!flap

Don’t forget to follow the blog as I will be issuing another new flap shape soon

flap pdf picGet it Here

It’s totally FREE… happy sewing !

Don’t forget to post your pics to #spencerogg

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