Live and Dangerous

My new Craftsy bag making class launched today.

It’s out – we have lift off!

craftsy class linkMy new Craftsy bag making class has just launched today.

To watch the free preview, click here

If you have unlimited membership you can watch the whole thing. If you haven’t, don’t worry, you can get a free 7 day trial of Unlimited here 

I’m so looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of the class, and at last I can tell you what I am making!


I’m making 2 items in the class, the first is the Harris Tote which a few of you will already know, and The Harris Clutch Wallet which is new and exclusive to Craftsy.


The Harris Tote is a lovely roomy tote bag with inside facings and classic leather handles. It has a huge zipped security pocket on the inside to keep your valuables safe. We all love the look of an open tote – but we still need somewhere safe for wallets and phones.


I show you how to make the bag in beautiful Harris Tweed with lots of tips on how to work with wool tweed, but the bag is suitable to just about any type of fabric.


Lots of tips on using rivets, attaching zips, stabilisers, top stitching, easy box corners and more


The second item is new and exclusive to Craftsy, it is the Harris Clutch Wallet. It’s a beautiful soft co-ordinating clutch wallet that you can pop in your tote or use on its own on a night out with it’s cute removable wrist strap.




Use my ingenious flap creation method to make the sharpest and most accurate flap in town!

I’ll walk you through a really easy zipper method that you may not have used before, create credit card pockets and attach magnetic fasteners.


These wallets are really quick to construct and make great gifts



I hope you enjoy the class, why not leave a comment and tell me what you think, I’d love to hear.



Beautiful Bags: The Harris Tote and Clutch Wallet.


Craftsy Class Launch

Craftsy Class ready for launch!

So… first bag making Craftsy Class is going live this week. I am sooo excited.

I finally got to see the finished class a couple of days ago whilst on holiday – (sat in the sun on our sunbeds under a towel so we could see the screen!)

craftsy class

It has come out really well, I am so pleased with the finished class. The editing is fantastic, all my slip ups and tripping over the carpet have magically disappeared, along with the odd ‘oooch’ face whenever I stuck myself with a pin.


I can’t disclose what I am making until it actually goes live, but I am demonstrating two items, one of which you will know, and one which was completely new and exclusive to Craftsy.

I used a Janome Skyline (Atelier 7 in the UK) in the class which is a superb sewing machine, and I will be reviewing it later in the week.


I so hope you are going to enjoy the class, I will upload the links as soon as it goes live – I can’t wait to hear what you think!

And remember – This weekend on Craftsy, you can stream 10 free classes specially made for the junior chefs, fashion designers, cartoon artists, and crafters in your house. Just click below:


Competition Winners

Competition Winners – Free Pattern

comp time bilb

Thanks for entering the comp everyone.

Winners generated by internet random number picker

comp winners

The winners are:

The 5 winners of the Spencer Ogg pattern competition drawn at random are:
Kerri kilpatrick
Well done!
Let me know which pattern you each would like (

Happy Sewing !

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Flappy Friday Freebie

Back in the saddle –

New free flap shape for the Flip Clutch Wallet.instablog

Fashion dictates – and what better than to update the The Flip Clutch Wallet with a bang on trend saddle shaped flap.

I’ve made these in faux leather, but you can make in quilting cottons, cork, wool, leather, in fact virtually anything, just like the original.

If you already have the pattern for The Flip Clutch Wallet, all you need to do is print the 2 new PDF sheets below and exchange them for pattern pieces D and F (The flap outer and interfacing) in your original pattern

Click Here to get the new pattern pieces

Body Flip clutch wallet

If you don’t already have the pattern for The Flip, you can get it here

hero wordpress

Everything makes up exactly the same, just follow the pattern instructions as normal – and place the magnetic clasp in it’s new position on the flap as shown on the new pattern piece. (If you are using leather or faux, I reduced the weight of the flap interfacing to Decovil Light or similar)

If you would like to really go wild with the Dior look, you could give your wallet a stirrup too.stirrupblog

Simply cut a strip of leather (or faux) 3/4″x 6″ – thread a 3/4″ D-ring onto the middle of the leather strip and fold in half, tack in place at the top, close to the raw edges.strap

When you place the flap pieces right sides together ready to sew, slip the little strap between the two flap pieces centrally on the curved edge, parallel to the flap sides, as shown here – you can use a bit of sticky tape to hold it in place, then just carry on as normal. When you turn the flap through your little stirrup will pop right out!flap

Don’t forget to follow the blog as I will be issuing another new flap shape soon

flap pdf picGet it Here

It’s totally FREE… happy sewing !

Don’t forget to post your pics to #spencerogg

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It’s a Wrap !

So, it’s a wrap!

1What an exciting week in Denver filming my new bag making class with Craftsy. Wow.. I was hoping to blog daily about my Craftsy adventure, but there has hardly been time to sleep.

The whole thing has been a whirlwind since I started filming, what a fantastic experience.

13I have seen everything this week – blue trees, men going to work on hover-boards, the largest plates of food imaginable, even the Grim Reaper crossing the road and heading into a coffee shop, and the biggest, most impressive fabric shop I have ever seen in my life.

The Craftsy crew were amazing, so friendly and helpful, and they welcomed me with open arms, showed me the ropes and helped me settle in straight away. Thank goodness, because I was so nervous the first day not knowing what to expect, I was shaking in my size 5 trainers.

We were filming on location at this beautiful house in the ‘burbs of Denver.

You wouldn’t believe how much goes into filming a class and the work everyone puts in to achieve a slick production.

It was a three day shoot. Day one was really geared to getting me used to the camera and filming the shorts, taking stills, and filling me with a false sense of security etc, the hard graft kicked in on the following days (particularly for the film crew).


It was pretty hot by day two, we were filming in a sun room with numerous windows, and no air-con because of the noise it generated. I had to film in the same shirt for a couple of days for continuity so you can imagine how happy I was to finally change into a new top on day 3.

I suffered with a bit of altitude sickness on day 2, (Denver is such a dry place, you need to drink at least 4 litres of water a day not to suffer with it) so think I might look a bit shiny (sweaty bint) on camera half way thru. Hopefully it won’t be too obvious or someone will Photoshop the green out of my face a bit. 11

I was pleased to get home each night to unstick and wash off the gaffa tape down between the old boobs where I had been miked up all day. (And thank you Bob for uncoupling me every time I needed a comfort break!)

Think I have eaten my own body weight in food this week – huge American breakfasts at the hotel, and buffet lunches delivered to the set daily from every corner of the globe.

This was my breakfast after asking for just a half size egg and bacon sandwich

By the time I was dragging myself back to the hotel at night, it was all I could do to call into the 7/11 for my usual order of 2 litres of water, a boiled egg and yoghurt, and fall into bed. (One night I didn’t even eat the yoghurt!)

Interesting Do Not Disturb signs at this hotel

We filmed in living rooms, sun rooms and even out in the garden. Interesting to find how the film industry works, and it really isn’t as easy as just point and shoot! Everything is set up and covered in great detail, often with numerous takes (particularly when my ageing brain wouldn’t co-operate and I fluffed my lines!) There must be hours of film that now has to be edited down for the final product, it really is a huge job.14

Luckily the sewing itself all went to plan, I hadn’t forgotten to bring a whole section of something with me, and manage not to swear or stitch over my finger at any point – though there were a couple of nasty pin incidents where I jabbed myself but couldn’t say anything as we were in the middle of shooting a scene – you might be able to spot the odd wince here and there!

It will be a couple of months before the class is ready to launch and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. – I made a point of not looking at any footage while we were filming so it will be a surprise to me too – hopefully my wrinkles will not show too much.

Thanks to my wonderful film crew Nancy, Rob, Joe, Josh, Danika and Bob, and everyone else who cycled in and out over the shoot, what a professional and fabulous team you are, and thank you for making my experience such a fantastic memorable adventure2

So goodbye Denver, I hope to see you again soon.

hmm, are these crop circles? There must be a lot of UFO’s around Colorado.






And………Action !

So…..first filming day ! – Monday

I was up and about again at 4.30 am this morning, not surprising as I had fallen asleep in my room service salad at 7.30 the night before. I haven’t even made it through a single episode of Lost in Space yet.


Out and about waiting for the 7/11 to open – yes, its freezing, hence the hat and scarf.

I was in full make up this morning two hours before the car was due to collect me for the trip to the studio. I was fully aware that a hair and make-up stylist would be waiting for me at the other end, but there was no way I was heading off through the streets of Denver sans ‘slap’, women and children would be running screaming. That, and I am certainly not brave enough to meet a whole film crew without war paint – they wouldn’t even recognise me from my previously retouched photographs.

This is my sophisticated hotel room make up table and makeshift desk set up for the week – the trusty ironing board! It’s coming in handy for an awful lot of stuff.20180521_074653

So we are filming on location in a beautiful house on the outskirts of Denver. 20180521_150034

The film crew were already there when I arrived and put me immediately at ease. They were all very welcoming, chatty, and helpful.Everyone is so laid back, it’s as if it’s just another regular day at work – yes, well I know it is for them.

I was broken in gently with publicity shots and general easy sitting at the machine stuff and getting used to speaking in front of the camera. The real filming is starting tomorrow.20180521_164954

There is camera equipment everywhere, you wouldn’t believe what goes on behind the calming scene you actually see on screen!cam (1)

Anyway, more tomorrow when I can stay awake long enough to take more snaps. I need my bed.



Good Morning Denver. Anyone else up yet?

Ping !! Oh look is it that time again? (4.30 am!)

Well I had great plans for sampling the Denver nightlife and trying one of the lovely themed restaurants that Denver has in abundance last night.

Not a chance, I was fast asleep by 8pm.  The sales pitch for this one below particularly amused me! -no prizes for guessing which one I would have gone for.

This one particularly amused me.

I made up for it at breakfast of course. Who knew you could get a breakfast bruschetta omlette (in pastry)


I was lucky to have a free day and the chance to shop yesterday, and though the weather was inclement, to say the least, whilst Britain basked in glorious sunshine, and the rather fabulous Royal Wedding, I managed to bob around the city’s rainy shopping areas on buses and Ubers.


I dragged myself to a couple of local fabric stores (obvs kicking and screaming) and though the price of most items here in the US these days is more than the UK, the fabric was a steal. Tula Pink fabrics only $10 a yard, half the UK price! So it would have been rude not to indulge.

I then had to proceed swiftly to TKMaxx to buy an extra wheely case to carry on the plane home due to said purchases

Denver seems a very cultured and boho City, and has some fabulous characterful independent shops. I nipped into a comic shop and had the best coffee and banana bread you could imagine whilst surrounded by old books, comics and and arcade machines. (I also found ‘pot shops’ are legal here!)

Not sure I was on the best side of town at this point however, and Uber’d quickly to a high end shopping center to get out of the rain.

After availing myself freely at American Apparel, Anthropologie and Vera Bradley I headed back to my hotel room, which I will henceforth refer to as ‘home’ for a small classy glass of (I’m not drinking while I am here, oh go on then just one) beer in my toothbrush mug.20180519_163655

Night All !

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Soft landing in Denver

plane to denverSO…. its day one in Denver Colorado, we are 7 hours behind UK time. Boy, did I need my bed when I arrived last night.

Long journey but arrived safely. Think I ate in excess of 6 meals in 24hrs on various planes and in airports.

It’s a beautiful and picturesque city, and luckily I have a day to acclimatise before Craftsy filming starts. They call it the Mile-High City as it’s a mile above sea level. The air is thin though and I am feeling a little queezy. Don’t think I could run a marathon today (wadda you mean I couldn’t anyway ! )denver-city-park

I’m staying Downtown in a very themed hip hotel. I’m on the “One Hit Wonder” floor, hope nobody is trying to tell me something.

20180519_084228 (1)

Check out this room!

Curtis room

Apparently alcohol is so much stronger if you  drink at high altitude, so they tell you to be careful – never having been careful with alcohol in all my life, I will try not to have any whilst here, I don’t want any raging hangovers for filming, that would be disastrous!

300x50 free trial

Just point me in the direction of the shops instead! My intention is to plunder every fabric shop and haberdasher in the metropolitan area. Only problem is, it’s lobbing it down, and as it is only 5am, the shops don’t open for another 5 hours!

The nightlife looked great on my way in, I think I may have to come back at some point to sample it properly with the husband

denver night

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Craftsy – The Brits are coming!

Take me home, country roads, to the place…..oh no that was John Denver!

SO… hair done, nails done, new clothes, legs shaved, egg sandwiches made, script rehearsed (with more rehearsal time on my long haul)

Scissors packed and I am out the door, on my way to the airport. Denver, here I come!!!!!!


I am weighed down with bags and samples, hope I can get through security with all my possible weapons – 12″ scissors, pins, a craft knife, a dangerous unpicker and some threatening looking zips

So…do we take a left or right from Manchester?



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Craftsy Call

So…. a couple of months ago I received an e-mail from a very nice lady at Craftsy saying that they had been looking at some of my patterns and would I be interested to talk to them about teaching a bag making class for Craftsy.

That’s my ‘surprised’ face by the way.

After ruling out a number of hoax worthy friends, I found the offer was quite genuine, and was absolutely delighted to say yes.


A few meetings and samples later the class was agreed and I was sworn to secrecy until nearer the time.

There has been a lot of work and an enormous amount of fabric processed since then as you can imagine.

My boxes of samples have been packed up and couriered off to Denver, and I will be following them on Friday


Terribly excited, but also apprehensive – how will I be on camera? will I sound nervous? will I look 100 years old? will I stitch through my finger? will I stitch my leg to my finger? Anyway, you get the picture.

I am now in rehearsal stage, and this is probably the hardest part for me as I wouldn’t class myself as a natural talker, (well unless I’ve been at the wine, then you can’t stop me, hmm, maybe I should suggest that to them!)

script (1)

I really want to be able to express my love of sewing and inspire others to start on their own stitching journey.

Wish me luck, and follow me on the blog to keep up to date with what happens inside Planet Craftsy!

I’ll let you know more as it happens.



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