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Free sewing pattern. Make up bag

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Forever Shopper Sewing Pattern – Let’s save the Planet ! (at least a little bit)

I’d like to introduce you to my new sewing pattern 


A proper retro shopper like the good old days, just like your granddad used to have in the cupboard under the stairs. A great unisex shopping tote.


Made in oilskin, waxed canvas, heavy duck canvas or dry oilskin, so it virtually stands up on it’s own – an important factor in shopping.


With super strong stabilised handles, a generous inside zip security pocket and a front profile stitched pocket. And an option to add side D-rings to attach a shoulder strap.
The bag has a flat base to allow for huge amounts of shopping and to hold its shape.

a bag that will last for years and age beautifully, and put an end to wasting money and the planets resources on disposable bags


So we all know we need to stop using single use plastics – let’s make a resolution.
If you are like me, you stopped using the supermarket free carrier bags straight away but then bought into the bags for life – which of course are still plastic even if we use them a few times

Unfortunately my car boot is now overflowing with pretty plastic ‘bags for life’ of which I often buy another because being a bag addict, there is always a new pretty design

So I decided it’s time to make a commitment – no more, it’s still in essence single use plastic – so here is my little contribution to start saving the world and using less single use plastics

No, not me, that’s my mate Claire – always a willing model (and works for gin) – sporting both sizes at once, she is multi-talented

We make a bag in fabric and it just doesn’t stand up on its own which makes things difficult with a shopping trolley. Oilskin and waxed canvas are amazing and virtually stand on their own.


Your men folk are going to love this too, particularly in oilskin – it looks so weathered and vintage, and it’s really water resistant so great for the outdoors!


Three of these fit beautifully if a large shopping trolley and can accommodate the whole weekly shop, yet fold flat for easy storage


And there is also a second free smaller size included with the pattern as a bonus, which is large enough to use as a handbag size shopper – great for coffee and shopping at the mall, days out at the park and really great for rainy days –a bag for the outdoors girl.


I am a complete oilskin convert now – if you can get hold of it, it is definitely worth it.

It’s strong yet supple, can be sponged clean, and if the look get’s a little too vintage for you, simply reset the oil again with a hair dryer.

The bag is unlined for durability and to keep the bulk down, but with chunky feature facings and inside pockets, and made using a super strong durable utility construction of French seams that conceal all raw edges so it will last for years and age beautifully.

w small

Make it with bought straps, self fabric straps, webbing or even a stolen belt from your partner’s wardrobe – the instructions are included for all types. This is the second time I have stolen one of my husband’s belts and he still hasn’t noticed.


Ooops, sorry dear (again)

I’ve also made up in a dry oilskin which is a great colour vehicle.


I used rivet on PU leather handles which I stock in my internet shop here:  https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/607119615/24-pu-leather-bag-handles-suitable-for


I hope you like the new pattern, what are you waiting for – go shape some fabric!

Get the pattern here


Want to see the bag in real life? Check out my YouTube pattern intro here:


I’ve been YouTubed !

It’s been an exciting week at Spencer Ogg Towers!

I’ve just filmed my first short sew-a-long to get started with the medium of video. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but scared of being seen in real life!


So here’s my first toe in the water, just me and a film student Jake. Thank goodness he knew something about camera angles/directing/editing/re-shooting/throwing great lumps away etc. It really is time consuming.

I know I was filmed for the Craftsy Class, but that was all singing, all dancing with crew and cameramen everywhere, make up artists, hair fluffers, sound checkers etc – all I had to do was sew. Now I have to think for myself too, it’s so much harder, and a steep learning curve for someone who was a social media illiterate just over a year ago, I hadn’t even heard the word vlogging.

So, I have unbelievably just launched my YouTube channel here: 


and loaded up my first 8 minute video clip. It’s just on making an adjustable bag strap, and I’m sure most of you already know how to do it blindfold, but I needed a starting point. Be kind to me, its my first attempt and I’ve learnt a lot along the way!

you tube header flat

My plan is to do a couple more quick tutorials just to get myself and Jake used to it – and maybe improve a little into the bargain, and then, my first full sewing pattern sew-a-long! Now I know how long these things take to make, I better set a few weeks aside for that one!


Please subscribe to the channel while you are on there, and my next free video tutorial should show up in your YouTube feed

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FREE SEWING PATTERN – The Glitzy Gift Card Wallet

FREE SEWING PATTERN – The Glitzy Gift Card Wallet

Make your gifting that little bit more glamorous this year.

Season’s Greetings – My gift to you

To thank you  for your business and friendships in 2018, I have created the gift of a free Christmas pattern just for you.xmas lights

This is the The Glitzy Gift Card Wallet

An easy to make wallet pattern, ideal for giving gift cards or money

You know what it’s like when you hand over a gift card or some cash, it just doesn’t look much.


And shiz, haven’t we all accidentally left it in the envelope until after Christmas and only realised after the dustbin man has done a runner with it.

If you enjoy this post, please click to follow the blog over on the right (or bottom if you are on phones), to be notified of new free patterns and tutorials as I post them.  Thank you!

So present your gift of cash or card in style with the Glitzy Gift Card Wallet.

Grab the pattern and instructions here: Glitzy pattern and instructionspattern

Go…….make many………post pics……..and have a fabulous Christmas everyone !holder

xmas lights

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The Domesticated Accordion – new wallet sewing pattern

So I have been rather preoccupied this last couple of months with patterns and pattern testing.

I have not one but two patterns ready to go, but which one to launch first? …well here goes

Today I am launching my new sewing pattern The Worsley Wallet.

Hero green (1)

I wanted to call it The Wonder Wallet, but I checked on the net and it appears it’s already a thing (Who knew!)

So I had a pole in my tester group between a few different names and virtually everyone voted for the name Worsley. (it’s where I live)

Nope, unfortunately not my house

Anyway, we digress – My main aim for this pattern was to make an accordion wallet that was easy to make on a domestic machine. It’s always a struggle with the amount of layers involved in a wallet if you don’t own an industrial machine, and it puts a heavy tole on our little motors even if you can get through it


So this pattern has been painstakingly developed so you don’t have to fight with your machine. The layers have been engineered to the absolute minimum to enable you to stitch through everything easily.

So here it is:

pattern top

A beautiful strappy clutch wallet that can be used as a coin purse and phone wallet, or add on a strap and it becomes a striking evening bag, and I found a great new use for strap keepers too !

brown 3

The Worsley Wallet is perfect for carrying your essentials; it features 6 credit card slots, a zipped change pocket, a pocket for notes and a pocket for your XL phone. A feature flap closes with an ingenious strap keeper fastening method.

green open6

With options to add a wrist strap, shoulder or arm chain, this wallet covers all your needs.blu flat chain back2

green flat2

It’s really quick and easy to make and will make fantastic Christmas presents for half of my family, possibly yours too. (ooh, I better find a way to make a men’s version next then I can sew for everyone this year!)

I hope you love it.

You can get the pattern here.

Let me see your pics #worsleywallet

As ever, a huge thank you to my absolutely fabulous testers.

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I love making handmade gifts, it is just so much more personal and really shows you care enough to share your time and efforts. So, with the Christmas run-up fast approaching, I thought this would be a great time to share my easy Cool Clutch Tutorial with you.

2bI love a clutch bag, so handy on a night out, but also invaluable in the day. The fashion is for huge handbags at the moment, which for me means I can never find anything. I even have a light in there so I can see what’s in the bottom.

I use a huge leather bag to cart around my array of ever-growing day-junk, and I use a clutch bag inside it for my purse/phone etc so I can easily get to them.

This is a great pattern if you are new to bag making, or you want a quick make for sew to sell or gifting.blog

You can make these from just about any fabric light or medium weight, as there are few seams. I have made them in everything from denim to satin. You could even decorate or embroider the fabric first however you would like, then just dive in!

Lets Go !

COOL CLUTCH PDF PATTERN – Make sure you toggle ‘actual size’ when you send to print or your printer could automatically reduce the size. There is a 1” square control box shown on the pattern. Stick the 4 sheets together as directed on the pieces.



  1. Outer fabric – Any light to medium weight fabric of your choice.
  2. Lining – Any light weight fabric of your choice. Use a contrasting print or a striking colour of satin.
  3. Extra firm fusible interfacing – such as Fusible canvas or Decovil Light  
  4. Medium weight fusible interlining (MWFI) – I use Vilene F220
  5. One Magnetic clasp fastener
  6. All Purpose thread to match outer

Cutting instructions

From pattern Piece A cut

  • 1 outer,
  • 1 lining,
  • 1 MWFI,
  • 1 extra firm fusible interfacing, (trim it down by 1cm (3/8″) all the way around to reduce bulk)
  • You could add a layer of compressed wadding too for extra squishyness. (Trim down also)

Additionally cut pocket piece B 18 x 18 cm (7 x 7″) – cut

  • 1 lining,
  • 1 MWFI.

Seam allowance: 1cm (3/8”) throughout. The seam allowance is included in the pattern piece

Approximate finished dimensions :  W26cm×H14cm×D2.5cm  (W11.5”×H5.5”×D1”)

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Fuse interfacing to lining and pocket

Fuse the MWFI to the wrong side of the lining fabric piece A and the pocket piece B. Press well from both sides and set pocket piece aside.

Attach the magnetic clasp to lining

Attach the male part (the slimmer part) of the magnetic clasp to the top curved edge of your lining piece A, centrally 4cm (1 1/2”) down. I like to add a bit of firm interfacing to the back to strengthen – if you need a reminder how to attach magnetic clasps I have a quick tutorial here

DSCN2952bMake the pocket

Press a 1cm (3/8″) hem up on two opposite sides of your pocket piece B.DSCN2963b

Fold this piece in half across its width so that the two folded ends line up, and right sides are together. Pin the sides.

Stitch down each of the short sides 1cm (3/8″) from the edge, leaving the bottom folded edge open. Trim the corners to reduce bulk.


Now flip through and poke out the corners with something blunt – a ruler or a thick knitting needle. (My weapon of choice is a chopstick). Press flat. Edge stitch the top folded edge if you wish.


Attach pocket

Lay your body lining piece A with the right side facing up and curved edge at the top.

Grab your pocket, make sure that the open end is at the bottom, and topstitched edge at the top. Lay your pocket onto the lining piece, centrally 16.5 cm (6.5”) down from the top curved edge.

Pin the pocket in place – make sure it’s straight!


Stitch along the two sides and along the bottom of the pocket 3mm / 1/8″ from the edge, which also closes up and hides the opening in the bottom of the pocket.- clever huh! Don’t sew across the top or you will have a patch instead of a pocket 🙂  I slid my branding label in whilst stitching one side.


Press. Lay this to one side.

Get yourself a cup of coffee and admire your work!

Fuse extra firm interfacing to outer fabric

Lay your outer fabric piece A wrong side up. Centre your extra firm interfacing (trimmed down by 1cm (3/8″) all round) and fuse. You should have 1cm (3/8”) of fabric showing on all four sides. (I’ve used black canvas here so you can see it clearly)DSCN2942.5b

Press up a 1cm (3/8”) hem on the bottom edge of both outer and lining. If you are using vinyl, use Wonderclips rather than pressing. I’m sure you know why !

Join outer and lining

Flip so the two pieces are right sides together and pin in place. Make sure the two pieces line up exactly, and that the two bottom edges remain folded back as shown.


Using a 1cm (3/8”) seam, start from the straight folded  bottom edge and stitch all the way around the long sides and curved top, leaving the folded bottom edge open.

You can use the interfacing as a stitching guide, sewing just 1mm (1/16″) outside it.DSCN2945d

Trim your seam allowances and clip corners to reduce bulk. Then clip the edges on the curved top edge to help it lie flat after turning through. DSCN2993b

Now, turn your bag right side out – Looking good? You’re nearly there.

Push your fingers into the bag and firmly push out the sides and curved edge then iron your bag flat.DSCN2998b

We are going to fold your bag into thirds.

Fold the bottom straight edge up by about 14cm (5 1/2″), and the top curved edge down over it. The curved edge should sit 1cm (3/8”) from the bottom fold. When you have your clutch looking the way you want it, press those folds flat. DSCN2999b

Time to add the magnetic clasp to the outer fabric

Fold the top flap edge down and check where the nipple of the male part of the clasp lands. Mark


Attach the female part of the clasp here. Remember – you are just going to snip through the outer fabric. Hold the lining back separately whilst you do this. I used a small piece of firm interfacing on the back to strengthen again.

Closing the bag

Open out again, and with the bottom edges still folded in, topstitch 3mm (1/8”) all the way across this edge. This closes the folded edge and gives a neat finish.DSCN3018c

Stitch sides of bag

Fold into place again and close the clasp. Wiggle the sides of the bag until the positioning looks even on both sides and pin in place.

You will see the edges are tapered in slightly on both sides to give a little extra tolerance.

Open the clasp carefully, holding the bottom third in place, and make sure you are happy with the placement of the sides and they look even.


Stitch down each side about 3mm (1/8″) in from the edge, back-tacking at start and finish.DSCN3022c

Trim any loose threads and give your bag a final press

And there you have it – your finished masterpiece ready for its first night out!


If you would like to make a smaller version as a coin purse, just reduce the PDF size to print at 65%.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and found the instructions easy to follow.

Tag your makes with #SpencerOgg or #SewWithSo

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We are running a competition this week on my FB bag sewing board to make this clutch using charity shop finds or re-purposing something from your wardrobe. Do join in with the group below. Runs 28th Sept to 7th October

You are welcome to join my bag sewing group on Facebook for help, support, photos and questions about Spencer Ogg Patterns, and a place for general chat and help with bag and accessory sewing. Just click below!

blog SO facebook board

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Free Pattern. Groovy Glasses Case competition winner !

So.. last week on my Bag Sewing Group Facebook board  I ran a mini competition for the best case using the free Groovy Glasses Case pattern. (You can get it in my tutorials section here) The only rules were to make one, or make a new flap shape, ingenious embellishments or a novel use. I […]

So.. last week on my Bag Sewing Group Facebook board  I ran a mini competition for the best case using the free Groovy Glasses Case pattern. (You can get it in my tutorials section here)

The only rules were to make one, or make a new flap shape, ingenious embellishments or a novel use.

I saw hundreds of glasses cases last week, I was blown away, what a great reception for the pattern, everyone loved it. Thank you everyone for getting involved.

So I just wanted to show you a few of the brilliant entries before announcing the winner:

In the end, I just couldn’t decide which to pick, there were so many fabulous creations, so I put it to a vote in the Bag Sewing Group.

And still, they kept coming !


And by a landslide victory, the winner is Kate: A lady who is a most entertaining member of the group who shares her learning journey with us. She has created a glasses case in wool herringbone, with a vinyl saddle shaped flap, a fantastic creation for someone who only started sewing a couple of years ago. Well done Kate !


So, a brilliant week, and thank you so much for joining the fun. We’ll run another comp in a few weeks time.

Why don’t you join us on the Spencer Ogg Bag Sewing Group

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New Bag Sewing Group on Facebook

So…I thought it was high time I opened a bag sewing support group on Facebook, for help, support, photos and questions about Spencer Ogg sewing patterns. So on Sunday I launched the Spencer Ogg Bag Sewing Group Facebook board – just press the button to join!blog SO facebook board

I have been putting it off for a while as I just didn’t know if I had enough patterns out there yet, but I have been delighted with the response so far, so thank you those of you who have already joined. (and now I have counted, I actually have 22 patterns, lots of free tutorials and a Craftsy class out there, so maybe more than I thought!)

I am aiming for a friendly, happy group and want everyone to feel part of it. It doesn’t matter if you are new to bag making or an old hand, we know from other groups that a wide mix works really well, the more experienced members helping the newer ones. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Feel free to post pics of any work in progress or finished items from Spencer Ogg patterns or just chat about bag making. There will be free tutorials and competitions and lots of fun, and I’ll keep you updated with what is happening in my sewing studio.studio

Thank you so much for your continued support, I look forward to chatting to all of you. I know so many of you already, even if we haven’t communicated before we have often seen each other’s pics out there.

So as a start did everyone pick up the free Groovy Glasses Case pattern from the blog on Friday ? –Free Pattern

We’ve already seen lots of lovely cases, and I’ll be running a mini comp on the new board this week for the most ingenious versions.

Happy Sewing, and I look forward to chatting with you soon.


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The Turnaround Bag

I am happy to announce the release of my new sewing pattern – The Turnaround Cross Body Bag.

blu hero blog2

It has two fronts with two distinctly different looks, so you can wear it ‘different ways on different days’4

When I was developing this pattern, I couldn’t decide what design layout I preferred for the front of the bag, and whilst pondering for hours on which to do, I realised I could actually have both ! Why limit yourself to one, just ‘turn it around’ for a different look, and hence the Turnaround Bag was born.20180726_130810

Filled to the brim with pockets of every shape and size, use it to organise your daily life, and really great for travel.

One side has a feature twist lock fastening flap pocket, and the other, a roomy, built-in zip wallet pocket with credit card slots.

Yeh, let’s play spot the dog – he has to be on everything

Inside the bag are two generous bellowed gadget pockets, and a roomy faced pocket. You can make the pockets in bright contrast colours as I have done here, to give a surprise pop of colour when the bag is opened.

The main compartment is more than large enough to hold an iPad, and securely fastens with a recessed zip closure.ipad

The bag is suitable for a wide range of materials, make it up in quilting cottons, cork, denim, vinyls or leather, or in lovely Harris Tweed as this one I made for myself.blog

Made in ‘tougher’ fabrics, it also works for men – try waxed cottons, earthy tweeds, or leather to make a sturdy man-bagdetail

I do hope you enjoy making this bag as much as I did, and make it many times over. You can get the pattern here. It’s on offer for the first week end at a discounted priceHero single

With many thanks to my lovely testers who did a great job in helping to tweak this bag into shape.


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Sewing Mojo Sale Day

patterns multiboxed


This weekend only 20th to 22nd July in my Etsy pattern store

Quite a few people have told me this week they have lost their sewing mojo….Well we can’t have that!

To get everyone back on track and happily sewing again I thought I’d give you a boost – the hot weather won’t be here forever you know. Time to come in from the garden and start stitching again.

Use the link below to get 20% off my PDF patterns this weekend only.


(or key in OGG20 at checkout)

Happy sewing everyone.

Oh and don’t forget – if you want to watch sewing rather than actually doing it, there is still a free 7 day trial of Craftsy unlimited – Now Bluprint, just click the pic for deets.

craftsy class link