Fame (I’m gonna live forever)


NEWS FLASH! Spencer Ogg pattern featured yesterday on the front page of Pattern Pile   (grab a wee discount code to celebrate)


Lovely to see one of my patterns on their site. I have been selling this sewing pattern steadily for a while now, it’s a firm favourite, and it is available in various sizes to fit various tablet and iPad models-

  • iPad models 1 2 3 and 4, and any tablet up to a size of
    9.56″ x 7.47″ x 0.5″ (24.3cm x 19cm x 1.3cm) click here
  • iPad Air models, and any tablet up to a size of  9.4″ x 6.6″ x 0.3″ (24cm x 16.9cm x 0.75cm) click here
  • iPad mini and similar size tablets: (Blackberry Playbook/HTC Flyer/Lenovo IdeaPad A1/Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and many more)
    7.87 in × 5.30 in × 0.28 in (20 cm × 13.5 cm × 0.7 cm) click here

I’ts a nice easy make and you can use up lots of your stash of oddments and pretty haberdashery.

Use the code OGG10 at checkout to grab a 10% discount on any patterns on my Etsy Shop PDF Patterns Plus

I think I may pop a bottle of Prosecco tonight to celebrate


What’s at the top of my Stairway to Heaven

The excitement is mounting. I now have stairs. I am LOFTGIRL!

clone tag: 35180248146298671

I presume the man under the stairs will eventually leave and it won’t be like the 3 Billy Goats Gruff ‘Tripp-trapping’ over the Troll’s bridge forever more. Crap, now I have thought about that I may have nightmares for years worrying that he is still walled up in there!

Speaking of which, I had a spare mannequin and gave it to one of my friends last month for her dressing room. The kids have been scared witless every time they pass the room at night. I think I might be getting it back.

So here is a bit of an update on my sewing studio build.

The supporting struts have now been removed, and it makes a huge difference.

BEFORE                                           AFTER

Walls have been plaster-boarded and now plastered. The guys are telling me I can’t paint until the plaster has dried so it will be a few more days yet, and it’s seriously killing me. I am thinking of painting everything white with whitewashed board flooring to keep things as light as possible, so I can do my photography shoots in the studio too. I am assuming the vast array of clashing fabrics should add all the colour I need. What do you think?


We are down to 4 builders this week rather than 8 so I am biting my nails hoping that the work won’t slow down as things have moved on really quickly so far.

My cupboards and shelving are being made up today.


I’m trying to keep things as compact as possible at the sides so I can get a large cutting table with seating in the middle. I’ve ordered a huge length of worktop to go across 8 metres of shelving on the right hand side, and I will have gaps in the shelving underneath to use as desks. I am trying to plan spaces now to place each machine or computer where I want to use it (still pondering on the ugly old ironing board position, I don’t want it to spoil things, but it is an old faithful)

The builders are doing well, I may have to include biscuits in the tea run this week to keep their mojo up, we don’t want them running out of steam.


If you didn’t see my earlier posts on the build, you can catch up on part 1 here and part 2 here

So you bought a machine, what next !! Part 2

antique sewing machine

Part 2 of my post on starting to sew and care of your machine. In this post I am going to concentrate on solving problems and then a little light maintenance.

Do you suffer with tension, arghhhhh! Yes, the thing we hate the most. I spend more time messing about with machine tensions than anything else.


We all struggle with tension problems – particularly to start with, I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to throw my machine down the stairs over the years – its still beats us all sometimes!


click on the pic below for an informative read on solving tension problems – from All Free Sewing


Understanding Sewing Machine Tension from Crafty Baba also gives good advice on this subject.

understanding tension

and finally, a gentle video on sewing machine maintenance – from Easy Sewing for beginners. Get your tea and biscuits at the ready again.

maintenance oil

Lots more tips on my Pinterest board here

If you didn’t catch part 1 you can see it here


So you bought a machine, what next!! Part 1

Many of my clients are brand new to sewing, have bought their first sewing machine and wondering how to get started. If it makes you feel like this…….

then read on

I’ve brought together a few tips and tutorials on how to thread up your machine and start stitching, solving problems and then a little light maintenance. I’ve split this post into two as there is lots of information.

Great for newbie sewers but also a great reminder for those of us (particularly me, with the memory of a goldfish) how things work and that we should be cleaning and oiling our babies regularly.

Two nice tutorials here on the basics of how to thread up and start using a sewing machine – from Fleece Fun and The Creative Curator, depending whether you like a video or photo tutorial

Videofleece fun
Pictoralhow to use a SM

Next, get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit (I particularly like Wagon Wheels for this), and let’s have a look at which foot to use for which job – by Raechel Myers


and then choosing the right needle (may require another Wagon Wheel) – by Melanie Kham.


Which stitch to choose – tips from the Sewing Corner. I know, its a lot to take in all at once. I promise to stop after this.


Part 2 coming right up

Lots more tips on my Pinterest board here

Cover your Kindle

I have just released my new sewing pattern for a Kindle cover. Its quite adaptable and comes with size options for a whole host of e-reader and mini tablet size versions.

It has an ear bud pocket and an ingenious inlet for headphone jack or charging cord at the bottom.

instruction pic

It also makes a really cute bag – can you believe I have  been using it when I walk the dog (not with a cable sticking out of the bottom, but poop bags) – everyone keeps stopping me and asking where I got it from. Obviously this has given me the idea to adapt a version of this to a dog walkers bag sewing pattern later, but we digress!

Its an easy pattern so it’s great for beginners, and comes with full instructions to make either a wrist strap, cross-body or neck strap.

It is fully lined, with a little wadding to save your device from knocks

A seperate pocket at the front keeps your headphones or charging lead handy.
Your device can be charged whilst still in its case thanks to a handy cord inlet at the bottom

Great stash-buster!

You can grab the pattern here

Happy Sewing Everyone !

Sewing Studio Hoarder

So… I showed you my wreck of an attic before work started. Here is where we are now

Still a way to go but things are moving at a pace.

(If you want to see my previous studio update post, just click  here)
The guys are working hard, there are so many of them I can’t keep up. Every room in the house is in utter turmoil. If it’s not full of building rubble, key stones, ladders and cutting tools, then it is full of our previous attic’s crappy contents which I seem unable to let go. (Why would I need 4 dining room chairs that go with nothing and were out of date 10 years ago? I hold the hope that fashion changes and they may come back round again.)

What I am really trying to say is I am a hoarder. My (part) fabric stash lurking in the corner of the living room this week can attest to that fact,


but why I need to hold onto useless things is beyond me – I just can’t let go ! Maybe it comes from not having much when you are younger, but the world is now cheaper and more disposable (not that this is right in any way). I am still holding onto the baby’s baby clothes, and my baby is now a 6 foot, fifteen year old hulk, and I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Anyway, back to the job at hand, my sewing studio – (ooh, lets out a small squeak)


The supporting steels are in, the windows are in, the cross beams are out, the first electrics are done – the electrician couldn’t believe how many double plug sockets I made him put in, or how many machines I could use in different places. He even questioned why I would need a socket behind the staircase spindles, but a girl just never knows ! (I was a brownie you know – be prepared!)

As for cups of tea arghhh! With 8 builders on site, it’s just relentless – I can’t get any work done (even if I could find somewhere to do it). And what is it with builders and sugar? I am on my 3rd kilo of sugar in as many days, I didn’t know anyone still had 3 sugars in a cup of anything.


I refuse to complain however as it’s so worth it, this is going to change my work/ life completely, I’m such a lucky girl. I’m just counting down the days until it’s finished and I can get in there and start prettifying.

(If you want to see my previous studio update post, just click  here)

Stitchable Storage

So…I’m thinking about storage solutions for my new studio (currently being built – jumps up and down with excitement), I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of stitchable storage patterns. I am going to be making a few of these myself – everything matchy-matchy to start with of course.

Adobe Spark (3)


 Reversible sewing basket from eHow

Bubble Pods Pattern from Beth Studley

The Oslo craft bag from Sew Sweetness

The Sewing Project Bag from ricracsews

Flared Top Baskets From Around the Bobbin

Happy sewing everyone !